The secret to getting ahead is getting started.
— MarkTwain.

The time is here. I am a bit jittery because I never really felt enough confidence in myself enough to just let people see some of the things I do. I do not completely know all that I am doing if I am frank and honest and that is what is a bit frightening. However, quotes like the one above is what helped me build this website.

I am proud to open it up for people to see other than my close friends and family. So, I cut the red ribbon and give you all, GCP. A website that may display some of my work, give you an insight of what services I provide, and a more silky smooth way to reach me with business inquiries. Even that word itself is frightening, "business". This photography hobby is such a passion for me that the fact that the word business could be associated along with it is such an unfair tag. It is a blessing and I cannot wait for the great moments of others' lives be captured through my God-crafted cameras, eyes, and also, lucky me, my man-made camera.

Thank you for visiting and welcome.