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After Tyler, the Creator's Flower Boy was nominated for Best Rap Album in the 60th Annual GRAMMY Awards, the hip-hop artist was fueled with a newfound purpose to come back with one of the greatest follow-up projects of his career. Less than six months later...


KAZI Magazine Byline

Kevin Abstract, Frank Ocean, Lil Nas X… in today’s day and age, does being openly gay affect your opportunity for success in hip hop? I’ve heard rumbles of the conversation. Some have stated that it distracts the audience from the art. Others veer towards the notion that it draws new audiences towards the artists’ catalog…

Song of the Summer   Opinion Editorial

Song of the Summer Opinion Editorial

The Bold Opinion Byline

In 2017, we had what was seemingly a clear-cut winner for hottest song of the summer with “Bodak Yellow” by last year’s rising star, Cardi B. However, within this inning, we had a strong lineup up full of heavy hitters…