The Lighthouse Sessions


Welcome to The Lighthouse Sessions

The Lighthouse Sessions is something I began to shine light on brothers and sisters who have gifts to be to be shared, talents to be displayed, birds to be uncaged. LHS is a platform to expose the artistic talents out there. I would love to give people chances whether, they believe they fit into the category label or not.

 It's an outlet for many passionate mouths to have a route.

Judson Harris at The Lighthouse

Judson Harris

Judd Harris is an Interdisciplinary Studies major in college and is such a talented vocalist. He is a ball of wit and charm. He can sing his butt off and he covered a song that was one of he and I's favorite tracks from 2015. As you watch the hair flip and the leaves fall, be swooned...for purpose of emphasis, I repeat...

Be swooned.


Sierra Tilley

Studying Advertising and Public Relations, Sierra has been playing music almost all her life. She is a big fan of Coldplay and has tons of talent to be seen. The leaves are beginning to fall here in Lynchburg, and it sets a beautiful aesthetic for a great song like "Fix You".

Hope you enjoy!

Sierra Tilley at the Lighthouse

Sierra Tilley at the Lighthouse